Our Story

    Meet The Duchess, the world’s first Alcohol-Free Gin & Tonic. Crafted using re-distilled juniper berries, The Duchess has the distinct gin and tonic taste, complimented by aromatic layers of locally produced botanicals. The Duchess was launched by The Duchess Drinks Company in September 2016 and has quickly become a favourite of the healthy, successful, and discerning individual.

    Whether you’re driving, at an important business meeting, or for personal or health-related reasons, The Duchess truly delivers on an elegant, hangover-free refreshment — anytime and anywhere.

    The Duchess is the brainchild of Johannes Le Roux; a Cape Town-native with a background in advertising and brand launches. In partnership with Inus Smuts, a long-time friend and collaborator, the duo developed The Duchess with local botanists.

    The artisan design of The Duchess brand was established using delicate linear drawings inspired by the Delft designs of The Netherlands. The botanicals form the framework of The Duchess’ visual, with The Duchess herself featuring as the elegant figurehead; the mysterious and sophisticated woman who has become the icon of the brand.

    Johannes first came up with the idea for a non-alcoholic drink alternative whilst wandering the cobbled streets of Amsterdam in the summer of 2016. After picking up on the powerful upward trend in Gin & Tonic and the movement away from excessive alcohol and sugar, the seed was planted.

    With further research into the prolific growth of the non-alcoholic sector, came the inception of The Duchess Drinks Company, a craft-inspired drinks brand with its vision set on conceptualising and developing the world’s most thrilling alcohol-free beverages, tailor-made to meet the rapidly evolving tastes and preferences of the modern consumer.


    “Our vision is to supply global mindful consumers with innovative non-alcoholic beverages that will disrupt the traditional alcohol and soft drink industry, as the market becomes more sober curious.” – Johannes Le Roux – Founder, The Duchess Drinks Company.