Why Alcohol-Free?

Because you deserve an elegant, adult drink that delivers the taste, complexity and that perfect celebratory moment without the need for alcohol. There is a whole new lifestyle of experiences where alcohol is no longer the focus – there’s no time for feeling levelled down or having alcohol define fun.


The Duchess invites you to Refresh Your Mind – To rethink, refresh, and reboot as we take a fresh outlook on the way we drink, the way we think, and the way in which we consume.

Whether you are choosing alcohol-free for better sleep, greater focus, deeper connections, or simply looking for a refreshing ‘in-between’ drink that leaves you waking up bright-eyed and bushy tailed, The Duchess gives you a range of great options to sip on a night off the booze.

New mindsets start with small changes. 

Cheers to fresh perspectives & new beginnings. Have a fresh morning, a full day, a kick in your step, a sparkle in your eye – Have a Duchess.

In 2016, founder Johannes Le Roux travelled around Europe in the search for the newest innovations in alcohol. What he found was the exact opposite: Everywhere he went, he realised the massive demand for alcohol alternatives. “When choosing not to drink, discerning consumers simply weren’t satisfied with sparkling water or sugary soft drinks. And rightfully so, they deserve better choices.”
And so Johannes returned to Cape Town to create the world’s first alcohol-free gin & tonic with long-time friend, Inus Smuts, and his botanist aunt.

Fast forward 5 years, and The Duchess has won international awards, expanded its range to include three refreshing alcohol-free gin & tonics, and launched two brand new 0.0% wine spritzers. As an international favourite for discerning drinkers, The Duchess can now be found in over 7 countries including South Africa, The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and the UK. 

The Duchess team is set on one goal: to provide you with healthy and delicious experiences in the form of innovative, alcohol-free beverages.