Pippa Hudson

    “I first heard about The Duchess when I hosted a show on the lack of variety in adult alcohol-free drinks in SA. Suddenly our SMS line was flooded with messages from people recommending The Duchess! I loved the idea of an alcohol-free alternative that also didn’t have any carbs or sugar, and once I got to taste it a few weeks later, I was hooked. It tastes fantastic – in fact I find now that when I drink a traditional G&T, I often find it too sweet by comparison. The Duchess has really heightened my awareness of the subtle flavours in the drink. And it’s also a great way to reduce your alcohol intake at long parties and other functions.

    I still love the original Duchess best of all, and always keep a few bottles in the fridge. In my opinion it’s best served ice-cold with a wedge of lime or even better, some dried Clemengold slices. Delicious, refreshing and guilt-free!”