The Duchess SPRITZ Berry Rose

    Refresh Your Mind, anytime, anywhere with the new DUCHESS SPRITZ – A light & fresh, alcohol-free wine spritzer.
    Crisp and bursting in two delectable flavours: Elderflower White and Berry Rose. We’re convinced you’ll fall in love with more than just her sparkling personality.

    Crafted with premium de-alcoholised wine and berry extracts, our Berry Rose Spritz has a refreshing acidity that is beautifully balanced by the sweetness of the acai berry.

    We are so glad you ask. Globally, people are starting to look after their health and well-being – and who needs alcohol anyway?
    Be the life of the party and still wake up fresh and ready to take on the day. DUCHESS SPRITZ is a refreshing, complex adult drink with heaps of attitude. Whether you are the designated driver, want to smash that morning run or simply don’t feel like drinking, you can now socialise on your own terms.

    Wine & Shine, Darling!